Focus on customer experience instead!

We help you automate your hotel workflows - with no upfront investments - and give back time to your team to focus on customer experience.

Automate repetitive daily tasks and focus on what really matters.

You and your team have only 24 hours each day. You cannot stop time and everyone always wants more of it. Yet, you spend most of that valuable time on tasks that are repetitive and do not contribute to your customer experience. No need to worry! Automating your hotel operations does save time!

Pay-Per-Use solutions means no upfront investment cost.

Automating your hotel IT operations is expensive if you have to invest in the right people with the right skillset. We understand that investments are often not prioritized when not seen as beneficial for the customer experience. Automated-Now takes away your initial investment and delivers automation within your organization with Pay-Per-Use solutions.

Start without upfront investment?

Yes! We automate your existing workflows and you pay only for the automation you use.

No recurring monthly subscriptions?

No! Our goal is to build & maintain the tools that save you time. No mandatory minimum usage! If you don't use it, you don't pay!

Automation in Action

Automation that helps our customers today!

A solution that we built for our customers connects with 3rd party payment providers to create and send unique payment links. Via these payment links, a hotel can provide an alternative for its guests to make secure real-time payments. The tool creates, keeps track and provides full transparency of all pending and completed transactions.